Red Hat at NodeConf EU 2019

Red Hat at NodeConf EU 2019

As a JavaScript developer, I’ve struggled to find ways to successfully incorporate containers into my workflow without killing my productivity.

Containerized builds slowed down my iteration loop, deployments were massive, and I frequently found myself saying, “I’ll give this stuff another look next year; Surely it will make more sense by then…

Does this sound familiar to you? ?

Red Hat is heading to NodeConf EU to demonstrate a few of our favourite production-quality tools and solutions, all designed to help your team to maintain their productivity while successfully navigating the vast and rapidly-changing cloud-native landscape.

Stop by our booth to get a look at our latest workflows for building cloud-native JavaScript solutions on Kubernetes and OpenShift!

Our open source experts will be available to show you how JS and Node.js integrate with other technologies like authentication, distributed data caching and streaming, or business automation, to deliver real value to customers.

Luke Holmquist @sienaluke / Syed Shaaf @syshaaf

Luke Holmquist and Syed Shaaf will be around to answer questions about their work upstream, and to collect feedback on our latest npm projects, like the opossum circuit breaker, nodeshift, and the openshift-rest-client.

Jan Kleinert @JanKleinert / Ryan Jarvinen @RyanJ

Developer Advocates, Jan Kleinert and I, will be hosting a “Hands-On Intro to Kubernetes (and OpenShift) for JS Developers” on Monday, Nov 10th from 16:00 to 17:30. Attendees will learn Kubernetes basics through a series of hands-on lab examples and will learn how to maximize their speed and productivity while benefiting from several distinct advantages that can be derived from using a container-centric workflow.

Bring your laptop to follow along with this 90-minute interactive workshop session.

Red Hat is a proud sponsor of NodeConfEU 2019 – We hope to see you there!

Ryan Jarvinen, Red Hat OpenShift Developer Advocate

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