Ujjwal Sharma / Node.js Wizard

I am an undergrad student, a Node.js core collaborator, an Electron.js maintainer, a Google Summer of Code mentor and ex-student and have been helping out with v8.

Anna Henningsen / Node.js Core Maintainer / NearForm

I am an undergrad student, a Node.js core collaborator, an Electron.js maintainer, a Google Summer of Code mentor and ex-student and have been helping out with v8.

Benedikt Meurer / Technical Lead / Google

Benedikt is a software engineer at Google, who worked on V8, the JavaScript engine that powers both Node.js and Chrome, for the past 6 years, and recently switched to work on the Chrome Developer Tools.

In his spare time Benedikt likes hiking in the mountains, or biking in the greater Munich area.

Bethany Griggs / Software Engineer IBM and Node.js Collaborator

Software Engineer working in IBM Runtime Technologies on a variety of projects all with a focus on Node.js. Her work spans from contributing to, building, and releasing the open source Node.js runtime, to focusing on development and deployment methods for cloud-native Node.js applications.

Tierney Cyren / Senior Cloud Developer Advocate / Microsoft

Tierney is a member of the Node.js Community Committee and several other Node.js initiatives. He is a Senior Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft who enjoys being unintelligible on Twitter and invariably embarrassing himself.

Ruben Bridgewater / Node.js Collaborator

Ruben is a Node.js core collaborator and a freelance software architect consultant. His main emphasis is building powerful and easy-to-use APIs for scalable and fast applications. He is continuously working with the V8 team and the TC39 committee to improve the developer experience with JavaScript.

Julián Duque / Senior Developer Advocate / Heroku

Telecommunications Engineer, Software Development specialist and Community Leader with experience in Node.js programming and education

Julie Ng / Cloud Solution Architect / Microsoft

Julie is a Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft, focusing on CI/CD and service-oriented and event-driven architectures. Previously a waitress, english teacher, designer and developer, she is an all-rounder passionate about solving problems with code and people. Away from the computer, she enjoys barefoot running and rock climbing.

Stefan Baumgartner / Dynatrace

Stefan Baumgartner writes for Manning, Smashing Magazine and A List Apart and made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs.

In his spare time, he organizes ScriptConf and DevOne in Linz, and co-hosts the German language Working Draft podcast. Stefan enjoys Italian food, Belgian beer and British vinyl records.

Shelley Vohr / Software Engineer / GitHub

Shelley is a software engineer on the Electron team at GitHub who loves figuring out how to make things work. She’s passionate about clean code & diving deep into tricky problems by using the best tool for the task. She cares about lowering the barrier to entry for engineers across languages, and is also an explorer and crossword puzzle fan powered by more coffee than a human should probably drink.

Chris Dickenson / Engineer / Eaze

Chris Dickinson is a former npm registry engineer and Node Technical Steering Committee Emeritus, currently working at Eaze from his home in Portland, OR. In his free time, he illustrates, takes care of his 2 cats, and works on Entropic.

C J Silverio / Energetic Package Maker

C J Silverio has been using node since 2011 and was employee number two of npm, Inc.

She’s a huge fan of node.

Bethany Griggs / Software Engineer IBM and Node.js Collaborator

Bethany is a Software Engineer working in IBM Runtime Technologies on a variety of projects all with a focus on Node.js. Her work spans from contributing to, building, and releasing the open source Node.js runtime, to focusing on development and deployment methods for cloud-native Node.js applications.

Gireesh Punathil / IBM

Gireesh Punathil is a member of Node.js Technical Steering Committee and an Architect in IBM India Software Labs, predominantly in Node.js and Java. In 17 years of his career, he has been porting, developing and debugging web servers, virtual machines and compilers. His expertise is in problem isolation and determination of large and complex software modules and has spoken at several Node.js and Java conferences.

Thomas Watson / Node.js Developer / Elastic

Thomas Watson is a computer programmer, public speaker, and open source hacker. He works on Application Performance Monitoring at Elastic, the company behind Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Logstash. Thomas has published hundreds of Node modules and mad science projects, he is a Node.js Core member, and a part of the Node.js Diagnostics Working Group at the OpenJS Foundation.

Anu Srivastava / Google / Google Cloud

Anu works in Developer Relations for G Suite in New York. She advocates for developers building on top of the G Suite platform to enhance their businesses, specifically focusing on the APIs for Docs, Sheets and Slides. She previously worked as a software engineer on Android and Cloud in the California Bay Area. In her free time she likes to perform with her dance group in Manhattan.

Franziska Hinkelmann / Google / Google Cloud, TSC

Franziska has a Ph.D. in mathematics and is a Senior Engineer at Google working on the Cloud Platform team in New York City. She’s a member of the Node.js Technical Steering Committee and an expert on JavaScript performance. When she’s not working hard on making Node.js better on the Cloud Platform, she’s probably out riding horses.

Stephen Belanger / Node.js Application Performance Monitoring Agent / Elastic

Stephen has been working with Node.js since 2010 and working on diagnostics and performance monitoring tools since early 2013. He loves to travel and meet new people, especially ones who live life differently from him. He is powered by curiosity and empathy. 🙂

Alex Korzhikov / ING Bank N.V., Amsterdam / Dev IT Engineer at ING

Software engineer, team lead, instructor, mentor, and author of technical materials with 10 years of programming experience

Pavlik Kiselev / ING Bank N.V., Amsterdam / Dev IT Engineer at ING
Luca Maraschi / Chief Architect / Telus Digital

Luca’s passion for the tech industry started at the young age of just 6 years old when he began coding. His passion and thirst for knowledge led him to graduate with a Masters in Artificial Intelligence from MIT. 

Since then Luca founded and successfully exited 3 companies. While managing large teams, he has designed and delivered large scale real-time systems for some of the industry leaders in gaming, banking and mobile technologies. 

He is currently serving as Chief Architect in Telus Digital. Luca’s core focus is on creating business value through building out, architecting and overseeing Cloud Technology, Big Data , AI and large distributed systems.

Michael Dawson / IBM / IBM Community Lead for Node.js

Michael Dawson is an active contributor to the Node.js project and chair of the Node.js Technical Steering Committee(TSC). He contributes to a broad range of community efforts including platform support, build infrastructure, N-API, Release, as well as tools to help the community achieve quality with speed (ex: ci jobs, benchmarking and code coverage reporting). 

As IBM Node.js community lead, he works with IBM’s internal teams to plan and facilitate their contributions to Node.js and v8 within the Node and Google communities.Past experience includes building IBM’s Java runtime, building and operating client facing e-commerce applications, building PKI and symmetric based crypto solutions as well as a number of varied consulting engagements. In his spare time, he uses Node.js to automate his home and life for fun.

Dominykas Blyžė / FullStack Developer / NearForm

Dominykas is a full-stack developer with a passion for frontend and some interests in not front-end, namely build tooling and security.

He’s been using Node.js since its early days and remains as excited about it as ever.

Jan Lehnardt / CEO at neighbourhood.ie

Makes @couchdb @hoodiehq @jsconfeu @greenkeeperio & @offlinefirst

Ryan Jarvinen / Developer Advocate / Red Hat

Ryan Jarvinen is a Developer Advocate (Red Hat, previously CoreOS) who focuses on developer experience and usability in the Cloud Native ecosystem. 

He is a frequent conference speaker and workshop leader who enjoys discussing distributed solutions architecture and helping teams develop strategies for maximizing their productivity using Kubernetes. 

He works remotely from Sacramento, California as a part of Red Hat’s OpenShift team, but you can reach him online as “RyanJ” via twitter, github, or IRC.

Jan Kleinert / Developer Advocate / Red Hat

Jan Kleinert is a Developer Advocate at Red Hat, where she focuses on OpenShift and the developer experience for developers working with containers and Kubernetes.

 Prior to joining Red Hat, she worked in a variety of roles ranging from developer relations to web analytics and conversion optimization.

Theodore Vorillas / Software Engineer / Workable

Theodore is a software engineer at Workable in Athens, currently working with a large scale JavaScript codebase.

He recently started researching A11Y and he realized he could combine IoT and JavaScript to help visually impaired people.

He loves FOSS, coffee, drones, woodworking and DIYing all the things.

Albert L.Lash IV / Senior Software Engineer / Bloomberg

Albert started off studying Human Factors Engineering and taught himself to write code from there. He’s previously run a business servicing retail banks in the US, worked at a non-profit in Washington D.C., and now works in New Energy Finance Engineering at Bloomberg in London. He has contributed to many open source projects, including git and rails.

Ricardo Leon / Senior Web Architect / Bloomberg

Ricardo is a Team Leader at Bloomberg, where he has worked on building web applications applied for clients in the capital markets space. As a developer, he has worked building large-scale entertainment media, news, and financial web applications.  Ricardo volunteers at schools teaching coding to help diversify the software development community.


Mx. Kassian Wren / DevRel / Cloudfare

Kas is a DevRel for Cloudfare by day, an EE student, twitch streamer, and hardware addict by night. They also parent two lovely cats. (They/their/them)

Tomas Della Vedova / Software Engineer / Elastic

Tomas is an enthusiastic software engineer, who spends most of his time programming in Javascript and Node.js. He works for Elastic as Software Engineer in the clients team, focusing on the JavaScript client. Tomas is also the author of the Fastify web framework and part of its ecosystem. He constantly forwards the enrichment of his knowledge and the exploration of new technologies; moreover, he is a strong Open Source supporter and he will always be passionate about technology, design, and music.

Matteo Collina / Technical Director / NearForm

Matteo is Technical Director at NearForm, where he consults for some of the top brands in the world. In 2014, he defended his Ph.D. thesis titled “Application Platforms for the Internet of Things”. Matteo is a member of the Node.js Technical Steering Committee focusing on streams, diagnostics and http. 

He is also the author of the fast logger Pino and of the Fastify web framework. Matteo is a renowned international speaker after presenting at more than 50 conferences, including Node.js Interactive, NodeConf.eu, NodeSummit, JSConf.Asia, WebRebels, and JsDay just to name a few. 

He is also co-author of the book “Node.js Cookbook, Third Edition” edited by Packt. In the summer he loves sailing the Sirocco.



James Snell / Head of Research / NearForm

James has 20+ years’ experience in the software industry and is a well-known figure in the global Node.js community. He has been an author, co-author, contributor, or editor of several W3C semantic web and IETF internet standards.

He is a core contributor to the Node.js project, is a member of the Node.js Technical Steering Committee (TSC), and has served on the Node.js Foundation Board of Directors as the TSC representative.

Edward Alozieuwa / VNTS

I’m Edward. I am a javascript enthusiast. I work with Node.js for backends as well as react.js and vue.js for frontend. My curiosity in javascript has lead me to its various spectrums and I am really eager to share my knowledge with others.

Sebastián Osorio / Software Engineer / Skycatch



Nick O'Leary / Open Source Development and Advocacy / IBM
Nick is an Open Source developer at IBM where he leads the OpenJS Node-RED project. He spends his time playing with IoT technologies, having worked on projects ranging from smart meter energy monitoring to retrofitting sensors to industrial manufacturing lines with Raspberry Pis and Arduinos. With a background in pervasive messaging, he is a contributor to the Eclipse Paho project and sits on the OASIS MQTT Technical Committee and on the OpenJS Cross Project Council.
David Mark Clements / Principal Architect / NearForm

David Mark Clements is a Principal Architect, fullstack/React and Node.js performance specialist and the author of Node Cookbook. He is currently serving as Principal Architect with NearForm.

David has been coding, speaking and writing about Node.js since Node 0.4 and has worked with frontend JavaScript for 20 years. Of note among David’s open source contributions is Pino, the fastest Node.js logger available, esx a high throughput Server-Side-Renderering algorithm for React, and 0x a JavaScript stack profiling tool.

Gordon Williams / Espruino

Gordon is the creator of the Espruino, a tiny microcontroller board that runs JavaScript. Over the past 3 years he’s designed hardware, written software, and shipped two successful KickStarters from his home in Oxfordshire.

Before that, he wrote compilers and 3D graphics software for a range of companies – including Altera, Nokia, Lloyds Register, Microsoft, Collabora, and Curtiss Wright.

Cian O'Maidin / CEO / NearForm

Cian O’Maidin is of CEO & Founder of Tramore-based software company NearForm. 


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