David Price

David Price


"Going Full Stack with RedwoodJS"

In this workshop, we’re going to have fun building a simple dynamic application using a workflow unlike anything you’ve done before with Node. Why? because we’ll use the RedwoodJS full-stack open-source framework. The app will consist of a React frontend and a GraphQL backend, including Prisma and Fastify. You’ll learn how to use Directives to transform data and Services to keep business logic organized and reusable. Redwood also comes with integrated authentication with RBAC (for both API and web), Jest tests (with mocks and scenarios), and Validations — we’re going to put all of them to work in our app. You may ask, “How is all this possible in a 3-hour workshop?” Well, Redwood includes all these technologies out of the box. We’ll use CLI code generators to quickly scaffold boilerplate so we can get to work on features. Fas

05 Oct 2022
13:00 UTC | 13:00 UTC
180 min
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"Co-founder of RedwoodJS, the full-stack app framework for startups.
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About David

David is a co-founder of RedwoodJS, the full-stack app framework for startups. As one of the project's leads, he's passionate about developing community as much as code. Most of his career has been entrepreneurial, working across industries and disciplines, which is how he ended up working full-time at Preston-Werner Ventures. His favorite things in life, in ascending order, are ethics, entrepreneurial leadership, collaboration, and his family. It turns out that focusing on the first three is a great way to help his family flourish.

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