Michele Riva

Michele Riva


"Lyra: Disrupting full-text search industry with JavaScript"

How can a JavaScript-based search engine retrieve millions of records in a matter of microseconds? Why is JavaScript the right language to implement a true isomorphic application to be deployed everywhere, from mobile applications to edge networks? In this talk, we will see how Lyra, a full-text search engine written in JavaScript, is challenging the search industry with an incredible combination of performance and developer experience.

03 Oct 2022
11:30 UTC | 11:30 UTC
25 min
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"Michele is passionate and experienced software architect who has worked with product and consultancy companies for almost ten years.
| NearForm"

About Michele

Michele is passionate and experienced software architect, Google GDE, and Microsoft MVP from Milan, Italy. He has worked as a software engineer and architect for almost ten years in product and consultancy companies, taking the best from both worlds. In 2022, he published my first book, "Real-World Next.js," where he talks about the web framework that changed forever the way we build web applications. He is currently working as a Senior Software Architect in NearForm while contributing to many open-source projects in different languages (TypeScript, Haskell, Golang), writing technical articles, and speaking to many international conferences.

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