Tony  Pujals

Tony Pujals


"Developing a fully serverless distributed computing app"

Come learn techniques for bidirectional streaming over websockets and distributed state synchronization in a fully serverless environment with Cloud Pong, a fun retro nod to Pong, the 1970s iconic table tennis style arcade game with two paddles and a ball. The talk walks through a fully serverless JavaScript implementation. The demo uses Cloud Run and Upstash, but attendees can apply the architectural and programming concepts to target other serverless environments that support websockets.

05 Oct 2022
15:00 UTC | 15:00 UTC
90 min
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"A veteran software engineer and developer advocate at Google who loves programming, microservices, and sever less cloud computing.
| Google Cloud"

About Tony

I'm a veteran software engineer and developer advocate at Google and I love programming, microservices, and serverless cloud computing. I've led engineering teams in building commercial and open source software for a variety of languages during my career. I came to Google Cloud because I wholeheartedly believe in its mission to make cloud computing accessible and ubiquitous for everyone and I enjoy helping other developers be successful.

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