New and Exciting Features in Node.js

Lizz Parody


"New and Exciting Features in Node.js"

Node.js contributors are always working towards adding useful and awesome features to improve the runtime. In this talk, you will learn what to expect in future Node.js releases, the most exciting features, and tips on how to use those features.

03 Oct 2022
08:00 UTC | 08:00 UTC
25 min
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"Lizz is a community-taught Software Developer, event organiser and speaker.
| Fusebit"

About Lizz

Lizz is a community-taught Software Engineer focused on JavaScript, and Head Developer Advocate at Fusebit. She organizes different community events such as JSConf Colombia, Pioneras Developers, Startup Weekend and has been a speaker at EmpireJS, MedellinJS, Node.js Global Summit, Node+JS Interactive, NodeConf, and others. She loves sharing knowledge, promoting JavaScript and Node.js ecosystem, and participating in key tech events and conferences to enhance her knowledge and network.

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